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Political Distractions Could Cause Problems 03-20-17

Today the directors of the FBI and NSA are testifying before Congress on various claims made by President Trump about President Obama as well as claims that the Trump campaign conspired with the Russians to influence the U.S. election. As serious as some of these charges may be, there is a high degree of uncertainty regarding the eventual outcome. Read more about Political Distractions Could Cause Problems 03-20-17

A Market Top Looks Near 03-13-17

Since the election, the market has looked almost like that of the late 50s and early 60s—or at least as I imagine it. Stocks rise, get a little overbought and then slack off a bit only to rise again. Read more about A Market Top Looks Near 03-13-17

Expect More Rate Increases 03-06-17

Editor’s Note: TCI editor Dr. Stephen Leeb was unavailable today. He will return to pen the regular Weekly Update next week. Read more about Expect More Rate Increases 03-06-17

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March 2017

Masters of Moats

In the March issue Dr. Leeb highlights three stocks that are the masters of moats and are run by leaders with astute long-term thinking.Two of the stocks are already stalwarts of our Growth Portfolio, and the third one we are watching very closely and may add to our portfolio soon. He also spotlights a health-foods retailer that had fallen on hard times in recent years. He will monitor the company's comeback closely.

In the Growth Portfolio section, Dr. Leeb reviews our biotech holdings, including a long-time recommendation that recently had a spinoff. He decides to sell one. In the Income Portfolio, we highlight an MLP that recently was bought out by its general partner. In other sections we also look at two gold miner companies, headed in different directions lately. Read the issue for more! Read more about Masters of Moats

Market Close to Tipping Point 02-27-17

The market is close to a tipping point. As I said last week, barring some major event, out of the blue, such as an attack on the Middle East oil infrastructure, I do not expect a huge correction. For market participants, given the slow but very steady increase in stocks, a setback of even 5 percent will come as a semi-shock. Read more about Market Close to Tipping Point 02-27-17