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Historic Week for All Time 11-14-16

The last week has been historic—in more than one way. Yes, for the first time in American history, Americans elected a President with no previous political or military experience, also the only newly elected president to have begun his eighth decade of life. We will leave to other pundits the many other firsts about Trump.

As Oil Goes... 11-07-16

Over the foreseeable future oil will be the most important variable to determine how the market performs. I won't diminish the role of the election—it could prove very important, but only to the extent that the winner influences the economy and economic prospects; right now the most important prospects concern the performance of commodities. Read more about As Oil Goes... 11-07-16

OPEC Deal Back on Skids? 10-31-16

For all the hoopla in September after OPEC and non-OPEC oil ministers informally agreed at an Algiers International Energy Forum meeting to curb output at the next formal OPEC meeting in November, the potential deal now looks stalled over which nations will cut how much production, and when. Read more about OPEC Deal Back on Skids? 10-31-16

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November 2016

Safer Commodity Plays

Commodities will almost surely play a vital role in any meaningful global economic growth. We think inflation will come back with a vengeance and we think commodities will lead the way. But commodities are notorious for volatility. In the November issue, we highlight a handful of commodity plays that we think offer a certain degree of safety.

In the Growth Portfolio, we sell one pharmaceutical stock while retaining it in Income/Value.We add one cyber-security stock to take off in the next several years. We add a new large-blend fund to Mutual Funds, and we sell one high-yield ETF from our Core ETF portfolio. Meanwhile, we reiterate the importance of having metals. Read more about Safer Commodity Plays

No Way Out 10-24-16

“No Way Out” was a thriller starring Kevin Costner in 1987. I remember seeing the movie but to be honest have no idea what it was about. But the words came to mind as I looked at a few data points regarding the U.S. economy. The first set was the trading range of the dollar between 2012 and the present. Read more about No Way Out 10-24-16