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The Hack Heard ‘Round the World 04-20-15

This update is something a little different. Instead of a single article with a unified point of view, I’m supplying my reactions to a few news stories that appeared in the financial press and how they relate to our recommendations. Read more about The Hack Heard ‘Round the World 04-20-15

The Sin of Omission 04-13-15

Among the many news items over the past few weeks, one especially stood out last weekend; it shows that the time will soon come to increase, even if only slightly, the gold in your portfolio. While not a cry for gold at $2,000 an ounce within months, we think gold has very little downside from here, with near-term upside to $1,400 to $1,600. Read more about The Sin of Omission 04-13-15

No Jobs? No Problem 04-06-15

Stocks got off to a surprisingly good start this week considering the news that came out on Friday. While the stock market was closed for the Good Friday holiday, the Labor Department laid a big egg in the form of the worst jobs report in more than a year. Only 126,000 jobs were created in March, roughly half of what was expected. Read more about No Jobs? No Problem 04-06-15

A Glass Half Full, But Only Barely 03-30-15

On Friday we got confirmation that the economy was indeed tepid at year’s end, with a 2.2 percent print on fourth-quarter GDP. That stood in line with the previous estimate and less than half the strength of the third quarter of 2014. Data for the current quarter, which ends tomorrow, paints a picture of virtually no improvement in terms of either growth or inflation. Read more about A Glass Half Full, But Only Barely 03-30-15

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April 2015

The Infrastructure Imperative

In the April issue we examine the important of infrastructure and why even our usually frustrating government may be starting to understand its importance. We highlight seven infrastructure-related stocks that we believe offer excellent upside.

We review some good news for two of our recommended pharmaceutical stocks, we add a new buyside favorite, and we recommend a new small-cap stock with an important role in solar energy.

We take a look at a variety of topics, including a job report that's not as good as it sounds, the euro's plummet, and the ongoing shift of power from the West to the East. Read more about The Infrastructure Imperative