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This Isn't 1974 05-22-17

The late comic genius George Carlin was a brilliant social observer. In one of his funniest and most pointed riffs, which I recently replayed (“Entropy Fan"), he homed in on how people watch news shows mainly to be entertained. Read more about This Isn't 1974 05-22-17

A Possibility for the Koreas 05-15-17

If you’re among the many Americans understandably worried about North Korea as a nuclear threat, some recent little noticed events suggest the threat might be cooling – and for reasons that will benefit some of our favorite TCI recommendations. We’ll get to those later, but first bear with us as we trace some of the geopolitical threats. Read more about A Possibility for the Koreas 05-15-17

Rein in Expectations for Now 05-08-17

If you’re impatiently looking for stocks to start to gallop ahead here, we suggest that you rein in your expectations for now. A couple of signs suggest that nervousness on the part of investors will likely keep stocks more or less treading water, perhaps with a downside bias, until – as we expect – investors feel reassured on a couple of fronts.
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Eyes on the Fed and China 05-01-17

Trump is defunct. Not literally, of course, but in terms of his impact on the stock market. Good-bye Trump, hello China and the Fed.
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A Different Goldilocks 04-24-17

Does Goldilocks live on? Goldilocks has been shorthand for ideal economic conditions of solid growth and mild inflation. Certainly the economy today, if not undiluted Goldilocks, still appears close enough that investors seem to be anticipating the kind of balmy economic weather that prevailed during the 1990’s. Read more about A Different Goldilocks 04-24-17