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No Way Out 10-24-16

“No Way Out” was a thriller starring Kevin Costner in 1987. I remember seeing the movie but to be honest have no idea what it was about. But the words came to mind as I looked at a few data points regarding the U.S. economy. The first set was the trading range of the dollar between 2012 and the present. Read more about No Way Out 10-24-16

The Two Rs Driving the Market 10-17-16

Forget the three Rs. When it comes to predicting the world’s economy and the outlook for financial markets, there are just two Rs to pay attention to: real goods (i.e., commodities) and relative strength. Let’s take them in turn. Read more about The Two Rs Driving the Market 10-17-16

America Most Divided 10-10-16

We now see a lot of firsts. Some are relatively inconsequential; some could potentially carry great impact. Last night, our two presidential candidates traded barbs, some benign, some malicious. Truthfully, I had no idea who had come out on top. Read more about America Most Divided 10-10-16

A Big Day for China in More Ways Than One 10-03-16

Last week was long on news that could cement some important long-term trends. First off was the meeting of OPEC members in Algiers. This wasn’t a formal OPEC summit; rather it was billed as a way to gather ideas prior to a formal summit scheduled for next month. But surprise, surprise (actually, not a surprise if you’ve been reading our updates), OPEC countries agreed to cut production. Read more about A Big Day for China in More Ways Than One 10-03-16

A Fed in Denial 09-26-16

Wow, the last Fed meeting was one for the record books. Except I am sure the books will never record all that occurred behind the scenes. Still, we now see the clearest statement yet of the Fed’s failure to understand the underlying dynamics of the U.S. economy. Read more about A Fed in Denial 09-26-16