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A Different Goldilocks 04-24-17

Does Goldilocks live on? Goldilocks has been shorthand for ideal economic conditions of solid growth and mild inflation. Certainly the economy today, if not undiluted Goldilocks, still appears close enough that investors seem to be anticipating the kind of balmy economic weather that prevailed during the 1990’s. Read more about A Different Goldilocks 04-24-17

Don't Overlook Long-term Complexities 04-17-17

According to Jeffery Hirsch, author of “The Little Book of Stock Market Cycles”, the optimal combination for the stock market as measured by the Dow 30 is a Democratic president and a Republican Congress. Second best is a Republican president and Republican Congress. Read more about Don't Overlook Long-term Complexities 04-17-17

Hold Defense, Infrastructure and Cybersecurity Plays 04-10-17

Despite the many missiles fired last week—at least two by North Korea and 59 by the U.S.  in retaliation for an inhuman attack on Syrian citizens—China so far has dodged all bullets. At the end of the Xi-Trump summit, there was no agreement beyond the smiles (much rarer from Xi than Trump) from both participants. Read more about Hold Defense, Infrastructure and Cybersecurity Plays 04-10-17

Watch the Numbers From China 04-03-17

We see increased evidence on how much the world is gravitating to the East from our own financial markets. Stocks have been strong this year, up about 5 percent in the first quarter. But we find it difficult to find a reason for the strength. Read more about Watch the Numbers From China 04-03-17

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April 2017

Masters of Moats

In the April issue Dr. Leeb discusses the beauty of being a top brand and highlights seven such companies whose brand recognition could help pull it out of tough times. He also spotlights an insurance company that should perform well regardless of what Congress does.

In the Growth Portfolio section, Dr. Leeb recommends a company that specializes in an overlooked but critical commodity. In the Income/Value section, we review a consumer staple and pharmaceutical recommendation. We sell two mutual funds from our FundFolio, highlight an ETF that should benefit under the Trump Administration and take a renewed look at two mining companies. Read more about Masters of Moats