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Broken Abacus? 09-28-15

Often it’s the stories that don’t make it into the newspapers that count most. Case in point: this month’s visit to the U.S. by China’s President Xi. While somewhat overshadowed by the Pope’s visit as well as by Boehner’s resignation, Xi’s trip was duly covered by the press, which reported on Xi’s meetings with tech leaders, cyber security issues, and climate change. Read more about Broken Abacus? 09-28-15

The Fed Punts 09-21-15

In the end, Fed Chair Yellen chose to punt. The Fed went to the brink and then backed off. It just couldn’t bring itself to raise rates, not now, not with so much static in the world, so many conflicting and muffled signals.
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The New Normal 09-14-15

With the impending visit of China’s President Xi, we want to make a plea for sanity – and honesty – when it comes to assessing where China stands today and where it will be tomorrow. Read more about The New Normal 09-14-15

Opportunities to Make Money 09-08-15

Will they or won’t they? We refer to the Fed and to its forthcoming decision, whether to raise interest rates or not. Probably more meaningful than anything, the Fed may realize just how uncertain the overall economic environment remains. We no longer face a wall of worry to climb, but a waterfall of uncertainty. Read more about Opportunities to Make Money 09-08-15