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How Far West is East? 06-29-15

The deteriorating situation in Greece raises major questions not just about its future but also about the make-up of the entire world. To us,  the biggest question is: how far west is east? Read more about How Far West is East? 06-29-15

Lesson from Israel 06-22-15

We have spent a lot of time talking about the real and palpable differences in the energy policies of China and the U.S.—which compellingly favor the Chinese. There exists an even larger difference between the two nations that could pose an existential threat if not to the entire U.S. then certainly to our military dominance and who knows what else. Read more about Lesson from Israel 06-22-15

Dangerous Ironies 06-15-15

Ironies abound. In the early 1970’s Richard Nixon, arguably the most anti-communist U.S. President ever, opened up relations with China to the West. Rarely has any public official of meaningful rank acted so much against type. Read more about Dangerous Ironies 06-15-15

The Lesson from Fracking 06-08-15

Here is an irony that is not widely appreciated: fracking—which has unleashed the production of so much oil and gas in the U.S.—has made it crystal clear that our economy is doomed to wither and die unless we commit to massive development of renewable energies. Read more about The Lesson from Fracking 06-08-15

A Different Europe 06-01-15

Before it had the euro, Europe had the European Economic Community (EEC), which was replaced by the European Union (EU), which has been supplemented by the euro zone. During the good old EEC days, the weak link invariably was Italy. Time and again, a political crisis would engender an economic crisis in which Italy’s woes took center stage. But somehow a solution always was found. Read more about A Different Europe 06-01-15