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What Keeps Me Awake At Night 07-25-16

When it comes to my family and my personal life, I confess that I tend to be a worrier. Over the years this has led to my share of wakeful nights, lying in bed worrying about a problem a child had at school, or about whether it was really a good idea to move to a new apartment, or even whether I’d left enough time to make a morning flight. Read more about What Keeps Me Awake At Night 07-25-16

Turbulence Erupts but Red Flags Absent 07-18-16

The most honest, if clichéd and obvious, words that any investment adviser can offer—and frequently does—are “I don’t have a crystal ball.”

In the name of honesty, let me say “I don't have a crystal ball.” Read more about Turbulence Erupts but Red Flags Absent 07-18-16

Clamoring for Real Things 07-11-16

Investors around the world are clamoring for things—real things—and for things that make things, and for things that can be used to buy those things. But unfortunately for the West, it doesn’t have those things. We've made no effort to get those things, and we may soon find that all the dollars and euros we’ve created will be unable to obtain those things for us in any meaningful quantities. Read more about Clamoring for Real Things 07-11-16

2016 Offers But a Glimpse 07-05-16

As we noted in an earlier update, stocks would likely dive for several days in the event of a vote to leave the E.U.—they did for two days—but the result of the referendum isn’t likely to change powerful long-term currents. Now that U.S. Read more about 2016 Offers But a Glimpse 07-05-16

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July 2016

Housing: A Firm Foundation

In the July issue we examine the housing sector, an important backbone of the U.S. economy and highlight 5 stocks leveraged to housing. We add one of them to Growth Portfolio this issue. We add a second stock that benefits from the frugal consumer as U.S. real income continues to stagnate.

In the ETF Portfolio, we sell a market ETF that's served its function and highlight two income funds. Elsewhere, we review several of our holdings and gauge whether they still make worthwhile investments.

In our Market Bites section, we review the mixed economic picture and we look at the debt in the fracking industry. Read more about Housing: A Firm Foundation