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An Eye on Anomalies 02-01-16

Our chart provides a snapshot of asset performance during the first month of 2016. The number of anomalies strikes us as interesting. To quote Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, “It is in the anomalies that nature reveals its secrets.” And while this shows data for only a single month the anomalies seem to say a lot. Read more about An Eye on Anomalies 02-01-16

One Belt, One Road 01-25-16

We would guess that while there will be quite a bit of volatility, very likely oil and stocks, after some period of repeat-testing support levels, will rise. For practical purposes, barring a crisis in Europe or some other out of the blue event, both have likely bottomed. The question is how far and how fast stocks and oil will rally. Read more about One Belt, One Road 01-25-16

China Celebrates Hegemony 01-19-16

In America, this weekend we marked the birth of Martin Luther King, Jr., considered by many to be a martyr for equality. In Asia and China, they may have been celebrating the emergence of Chinese hegemony—at least in the East, if not the entire world. Until we get a firmer grip on what the Chinese are up to, their market, and by extension ours, will continue to be volatile and opaque. Read more about China Celebrates Hegemony 01-19-16